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I’m so excited about my collaboration with the talented Youna Choi, the blogger behind Fashion Composium. Youna and I met at a fashion show that we were both invited to and I instantly knew that this chick was worth getting to know! We decided to sit down and interview each other about our personal style, hobbies, and life advice. Check out the interview between Youna and I and the photo shoot we did together.

Q:What made you decide to start your blog?
Youna: I have always gotten a lot of questions and comments about my fashion choices. So I figured documenting my looks through blogging would be a fun way to share my personal style and encourage others to develop their own style aesthetic.
Me: The name of my blog is usually what stands out a lot to most people. It’s different.I created this lifestyle blog as a way to express myself and chronicle my life. I’m currently in college attending the University of Utah. GO UTES! I’m going into my junior year and I’m studying Production and Broadcasting. Some of my passions include, school, reading (I’m a little bit nerdy!), friends, media, modeling, and fashion.I also have Sickle Cell Anemia, and while I try not to live my life around this illness it’s a very large part of my life and so I felt like I couldn’t do a blog without raising awareness about Sickle Cell, hence the title of my blog Sickle Cellebrity!

Q:Where do you get inspiration from when you style your outfits?
Youna: I am not an avid trend follower and tend to draw most of my styling inspiration from what I find visually appealing. My fashion sense is somewhat eclectic and what ultimately dictates my outfits each day is the way I feel that morning…hehehe.
Me: I’m a huge fan of Pinterest and fashion magazines so I love to look through them and see what fits my personality and what I types of new things I can incorporate into my styling of my daily outfits. Sometimes even like to take inspiration from street fashion and what I see other people rocking.

Q: Your blog is so unique, a reflection of your personality. What  makes you who you are?
Youna: Why, thank you! I think that everyone is very special in their own way. But, this is a very difficult question and sounds exactly like the ones I got for my medschool applications!!! I don’t really excel at concisely upselling myself, so I’ll answer this with a cheeky…You all have to check out my blog and follow me on social media to find out!!! *hands up in the air*
Me: I’ve always been an outgoing person. I love making new friends and getting to know new people. I’m a really adventurous person and I like to try almost anything once. At the end of the day, family means everything to me and as much as they drive me crazy, they have the biggest impact and influence on my life. I’ve really been shaped by all of my siblings and their examples to me.
Q:You are one of the spunkiest people I know, what are some of your favorite things to do in your down time?
Youna: I am a multifaceted woman *hair flip* Hahaha. No, but just like any other person I have a lot of interests. One of my oldest hobbies is jewelry making, I used to make beaded crafts in elementary school and established a successful side business selling them. I was a hussler since a lil kid!!! I also regularly engage in spontaneous crafting, like the flower crown you’re wearing in this post, or the blue crystal chandelier I made two weeks ago!!! I really enjoy making things with my extensive set of lifetime warranty Husky mini pliers.
I really could go on all day into elaborate detail about all of my weird hobbies, but I don’t want to bore everyone.
Me: I’m a really big book worm. Just the other day my sisters and I started a little book club where we have meetings everyday. Reading is one of my favorite things. When I’m not reading, I’m spending time with my family and friends. I especially like to spend days exploring the city with my friends and finding cute little hidden cafes and eateries that we’ve never tried before, that’s always fun to me because I get to discover something new.
Q: Any fashion, lifestyle, or advice in general for the readers?
Youna:  Oh, my blog is full of fashion advice so I’d like to divert from that and share with you all a simple ideology that I strive to live by–do what you love, and become exceptional at it. It’s not particularly profound, but it’s a philosophy I hold dear. I think if we all strive to attain career paths in fields we desperately love, we would all live in a happier world.
Me: My advice is to always be yourself. I know it sounds so cliche but it’s true. You’re doing a disservice to the world by trying to be something other than the unique individual you are. Don’t make the world miss out on your individuality and only the things you can offer because nothing’s more beautiful than a person being unabashedly themselves.
Floral Kimono: Forever 21
Owl Necklace: Forever 21
High Waist Denim Skirt: Vintage Find From My Mother’s Closet
Floral Crown: Made by Youna Choi
Coral Shoes: Forever Young


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